Safety And Quality


Beats Walkin Mini Bus Hire regards the safety of our passengers the highest priority at all times. We are committed to ensuring our fleet of vehicles is fully maintained, regularly serviced and our Vehicle Maintenance Register is continually updated. All vehicles are roadworthy and comply with Government requirements for TRANSPORT for NSW.


All drivers employed by Beats Walkin Mini Bus Hire are appropriately licensed by the Roads and Traffic Authority. By law, all drivers must possess and display a Bus Driver Authority which attests they are of good character, reliable and fit to drive a Public Passenger Vehicle within NSW.

Accredited & Insured

Beats Walkin Mini Bus Hire ensures that Transport Regulations and Accreditation are adhered too and ensure that we have the appropriate Public Liability Insurance for all vehicles within our fleet.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

All staff is subject to random drug & alcohol testing. These tests are conducted at random before or after a shift.

Accreditation Number 25195